Renta de Yates

Yates Concord

Administracion de yates

Administration and Operation of Yachts

In Yates Concord we have created a comprehensive program of luxury yacht management if you are a yacht owner or want to acquire one, we advise you in the purchase and administration of your boat, our team will design together with you a comprehensive program of operation, maintenance and marketing if, so you want to make your boat self-sufficient.

Caring for your Investment

If you have already invested in a boat, we offer you a comprehensive program of preventive maintenance, scheduled during the year and customized for your boat. Our naval maintenance team manages a maintenance program agreed with you throughout the year so that you are ready to sail whenever you need it.

Hiring and Supervision of Crew

We advise you in the hiring of a certified crew for the operation of your boat, we provide training programs for the crew, in maintenance areas, guest attention, cooking, diving and creative ideas to make your activities on board unique.

Yacht Rental Programs

In addition to these services, we offer you the commercialization of your yacht if you require it, incorporating it into our fleet. We have a team of professionals who cover all aspects of the ownership, operation and maintenance of our fleet.

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